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- Mike Merz Sr

Adam Roy - Coupon Mage Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, November 13th 2012

Hey, Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner ... Adam Roy here.

I'm bringing a GAME CHANGER to fellow JVNP partners,
something the IM industry has never seen. It will
without a doubt, change the way we all sell products

I'm talking about Coupon Mage.


A new software tool that will allow any IMers who
sell online to create, manage, and issue coupons
with ANY payment processor, and on ANY website platform.

We're talking increasing sales by 100+% or more.
More sales volume, more conversions, more affiliates,
and less refunds for ANYBODY who gets their hands on
this software.

We're introducing a multitude of features here that will
blow your traffic's socks off when they see the offer
and what it can do for them.

- ANY payment processor (clickbank included)
- ANY website platform (Wordpress, HTML, vBulletin etc)
- Custom Coupon Codes
- Expiring Coupon Codes
- Custom valid/invalid/expired messages
- Unlimited coupons, unlimited products, unlimited websites
- Manage everything from a point and click control panel
- More...

Bottom line is, there's NOTHING like it, it's an easy sale.
The product's features, benefits and the opportunities it
presents make the program sell itself.

I'm not in this to drain money from your prospects'
bank accounts, I'm here to PUT MONEY INTO IT!

Coupons are where it's at, problem is none of the best
payment processors offer the functionality!

Your subscribers/traffic will love it, there's
no question about it considering what an
invaluable tool you'll be introducing to them.

This is an evergreen product, it's an offer that will
get better over time and over immense value to your
traffic for years to come.

to increase sales volume and conversion rates.

LOW REFUND RATES - Your traffic will USE this
software for who knows how long. With top-notch
quality customer support.

50% commissions across the board.

I'm using Clickbank for this launch.

Check this out, we can whip up a custom coupon code

Confident you can send some traffic? Want to personalize
your promotion? Done! Just contact me and I'll create
a new coupon code just for your traffic.

Listen, ANYBODY who sells products online will be
drooling over this offer, (probably including YOU),
I invite you to take part in the release of this game changer.

If you want to promote a product you can take pride in,
that you KNOW your traffic will love, something that will
TRULY increase their bottom line by recommending,
I invite you to support COUPON MAGE.

Get on board ...



Adam Roy

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Buzz Builders

The Following Buzz Builders Are Premium Mailing Recipient JV Offers
Announced Recently In The JVNP 2.0 Update That Are Either Yet To
Launch, Or Are Still In The Pre-Launch Or Launch Cycle.

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Jessica + Mike Auton - Click Cash Commissions Affiliate Program
JV Invite
Launched Just Last Thursday, October 4th 2012

With EPCs ranging between $1.71 and $4.08, this is a no brainer &
it's live RIGHT NOW ... So cash in RIGHT NOW!

Jessica's team were the masterminds behind the first million dollar
launch on Clicksure EVER ... CCC looks like it will break all previous
records... All that's missing is YOU.

Grab your share of over $53,000 in cash prizes ...

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


Glen Ledwell - Mind Movies Webinar Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just This Past Monday, October 8th 2012

A killer launch is right around the corner that will provide incredible
value to your subscribers and huge commissions for you.

Mind Movies is re-launching their staple product for the first time on
their in-house webinar system.

You'll earn 50% commissions and your leads are cookied to you for life!

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


Justin Michie - Commission Infusion Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just YESTERDAY Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Justin Michie here with a special invitation to join in on the next big
BLOCKBUSTER launch of 2012!

Block out your calendars from Oct 10th to 18th, because... that's
when I'm launching the next make money online sensation:
Commission Infusion.

The product is sweet, the sales funnel is slick, your subscribers will
love it and you're going to bank big promoting it ...

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


Ty Cohen + Sean McAlister - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 Affiliate Program
JV Invite
Pre-Launch Commenced Tuesday, October 9th 2012
Launch Day: Tuesday, October 16th 2012

Rake in $398 per sale on this Proven Winner!

$15+ EPC's, High Conversion Rates, 1st Class Product.

Kindle Cash Flow dominated 2011 and is going to Crush it in 2012.

Over $50,000 in Prizes AND a JV Jackpot ...

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


James Renouf, Shawn Casey + Brian Koz - Buyer Arbitrage 1.0
Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, October 18th 2012 @ 9AM EST

Buyer Arbitrage 1.0 software (pc or mac) lets the user find hundreds
of buyers for specific products or services they can fulfill for just $5.

Sales and testimonials (customers making money within a week)
from our Warrior Forum launch were awesome so expect this
launch to be huge.

With higher pricing and a complete sales funnel, EPC's will be epic.

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


D.C Fawcett + Mr. X - Hedge Fund Trader X Affiliate Program
JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 5th 2012
Launch Day: Monday, November 12th 2012

Hedge Fund Trader X is your opportunity hit a big payday with a
tested and proven launch funnel.

We're giving away BIG prizes and $1000 per sale to you.

We're sending out 50% of all collected commissions in 7 days.

No waiting 30 days. Great fit for all lists ...

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)


Rich Schefren - Profit Hacks Affiliate Program JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, October 29th 2012
Launch Day: Monday, November 12th 2012

ProfitHacks features a series of shortcuts that will show your clients
how to multiply their income, while working 90% less than they do
right now, and is the brainchild, of "Australia's Richard Branson,"
Pete Williams.

Sales + testimonials from our two internal launches have been
nothing short of amazing & we expect the external launch to be
even bigger, with higher EPCs ...

(VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
To Support This Launch)



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Walter, INinbox Team, Erick Trejo, Chris Moran, Chris X,
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Filsaime, Matt Benwell and others?

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Mike Merz Sr


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