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Thread: The One World Initiative - Audio Acceleration Program JV Invite

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    The One World Initiative - Audio Acceleration Program - JV Invite

    The One World Initiative - Audio Acceleration Program - JV Invite
    Launch Day: Friday, September 14th 2012

    We’re now inviting affiliates to promote our powerful Audio Acceleration Program that accelerates the benefits of our bestselling inspirational/self-help book A Guide To Your Supreme Power.

    The Audio Acceleration Program is very impressive self-improvement/inspiration product right now. It’s flying off the shelves and has a 4% conversion rate and goes for $297. As an affiliate you get $150 per sale. We also have our bestselling ebook, A Guide To Your Supreme Power, in our sales funnel which converts at 3.7% and sells for $21.99. As an affiliate you make $10 per ebook sale.

    Presidential endorsement: Republicans, independents, and democrats agree in the power of our empowering message and products. In fact, our message of human power, hope, and perfection is endorsed by the US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.

    Add massive value to your leads / subscribers: Not only do you profit from TWO evergreen offers in an incredibly hungry niche when you sign up as an affiliate right now, but the best part is that you send your leads to a free offer page.

    This means that you add VALUE to your list / leads and we do all the hard part (sell) for you so YOU can make profits J All you have to do is copy and email your list members or put banners on your website sending them to a free course offer (valued at $200).

    Fast payments: We pay you fast. As soon as the 30-day return period clears you get your money. (We sold hundreds of products during our test period and didn’t have a single return).

    Make good commissions: Get paid $150 per sale (and get paid $10 per sale if you sell ebooks from our site too). Even better, you get paid 50% for anything and everything your leads buy from us for 6 months.

    Additional Bonus: A major TV network is doing a documentary on us. In a couple months we’ll be extensively promoting this documentary all over the media. We’ll also be promoting our top 2 performing JV partners as well. Given the network’s clout, this would mean well over $100,000 worth of free publicity all over America with absolutely no effort on your part.

    **If you want to promote a powerful set of products that changes people’s lives for the better (in work, love, play, and life) while earning significant money doing it, then our promo is for you. Plus, by sending your leads to a free offer you’re not the one selling to your prospects – we are. **

    Sign up to be a JV affiliate here:

    The One World Initiative - Audio Acceleration Program - JV Invite
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    Cece Suwal and Mark Brener
    Coauthors of the bestseller A Guide to Your Supreme Power
    Cofounders: The One World Initiative
    Radio Show Cohosts: Finding Your Supreme Power
    Discover your path to money, power, happiness, love, and success.

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