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Thread: Simple Way To Record Skype Calls On A Mac

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    Cool Simple Way To Record Skype Calls On A Mac

    I recently discovered a clever way to record Skype calls (Ex for interviews) on my Mac using a tool I already owned - ScreenFlow

    This is the screen capture software I use and when searching for a simple solution to record skype calls on a mac I stumbled upon an article suggesting that you use Screenflow.

    To my surprise it worked brilliantly and even offered more flexibility than dedicated Skype recording solutions.

    In my first call the person I was interviewing sounded great except for the loud hum that I could hear whenever she stopped talking. I thought I was stuck with it but then I realized that ScreenFlow records both callers on separate tracks.

    This meant I was able to edit her track separately and remove the hum.

    Although ScreenFlow has a built in ability to edit audio, I decided to export and edit the audio in the free Audacity program.

    All in all I ended up with a very clean and professional sounding recording all without having to buy any extra tools
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    Hey Ricky,

    Cool question!
    I personally use a tool called Call Recorder. It can be found here: http://www.ecamm.com/callrecorder/
    Great tool that records good quality calls. Even video calls if I'm right.

    Hope this helps!

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