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Thread: Building Relationships Is The Key

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    Building Relationships Is The Key

    No matter where we turn in life the key to overall success is the relationships that we keep and marketing, forming JV's and attracting affiliates it is no different.

    Think about this for a second, the last time you bought a big ticket item, did you buy it from someone you knew, like and trusted? 80% of people would probably say yes. So why is that?

    The number one reason we buy from people we like and trust is for our own need of certainty, that we are not going to be ripped off or make a mistake. Did you know the majority of people would prefer to do nothing than to do something in which they will fail or make a mistake.

    So when you think of affiliate marketing, forming JV's and getting business partners there is a simple reason why some do it great and have huge success and others don't get off the ground at all. And it all comes back to the relationship your willing to create with others and keep with others.

    Great relationships and being genuine about helping others are the key to affiliate marketing success.

    Speak Soon
    Michael Griffiths

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    That's absolutely right Michael. In business as in life, there an old adage that is universally true:

    You have to give before you can expect to get."

    Fortunately, the great thing about this old and lasting universal truth is that if you give a lot, and do so in an unselfish and truly helpful manner, without taking primary regard for how much you will get in return, then indeed you will receive.

    So give of yourself generously in all ways, whether that means with your knowledge, expertise or skills (or all three), and you'll soon be positioned to be ready to receive.

    And don't forget to be genuinely grateful when you do receive, and you'll naturally attract even more success!

    Pay it forward, and the rest will take care of itself.

    Happy JVing!

    Richard Andrews, M.Ed
    VP, Inspiring Speakers Bureau
    Founder, Motivational Speaker Academy
    "Helping You Inspire The World!"

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    Absolutely. How else is trust earned. Once you engage with others and show interest in them, while you are sharing good relevant content, you will form some great relationships and that is the foundation of business. Thanks for sharing.

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