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Thread: Seeking JV Broker/affiliate management

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    Thumbs up Seeking JV Broker/affiliate management

    Hello there!

    Why you should take this seriously:
    • In 2002 I owned Fontoon.com which amassed over 12k members
    • I currently write for Entrepreneurs Journey so have a 'following'
    • Test rating for the course are VERY good...

    Without wanting to namedrop a number of my known marketing friends from Entrepreneurs Journey are going to promote but i need help finding more affiliates. It is not something i am currently great at... sp that is why i need you.

    The product:

    6 Month long video based coaching course: The Online Marketing MBA

    The students write a weekly blog which provides continuous testimonials: The blog

    and I've been told I have killer email swipe: JV Page

    Where you come in:

    This is a 50% on 6x$87 monthly fee but I really do not know hot to generate the buzz amongst affiliates. This is my first launch in 8 years, so naturally I'm rusty.

    It is a quality product that has test well, BUT I need someone to help it reach the sales potential it deserves.

    What I want from you

    1. A proven track record at attracting affiliates
    2. Straight talker so we know how much the sales get split form the start with no issues later (I know this will sell so im not after consulting - i need affiliates)

    If you do not have a tract record then perhaps you should become an affiliate first to prove you can get sales.

    I am open to JV with affiliates you bring on board, including reciprocal mailing etc, but of course this will be dealt with on a case by case basis and dependent on the potential JV reaching certain requirements.

    This is a great product that teaches BUSINESS, something very few do. I know it will make me a lot of money if I partner with the right person, and maybe that person is you...

    Dee Kumar

    I'm looking for a JV Broker/affiliate manager for my 6 month long video based coaching course.
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    Great retention coaching course with test ratings through the roof. 50% on 6 x $87 monthly fee... Click here for details.

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    Going back and rereading your other posts since you joined, it may behoove you to bring in a top-dog salesperson to just go after the end-user directly and not bother with trying to have that person manage a niche affiliate program...
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