I just don't trust pink, heart-shaped, chocolate-stuffed boxes.

Maybe that's why Valentine's never felt right.

Or maybe I'm old fashioned and self-rightouse and don't believe in a holiday that says "hey, you know how you take that special someone for granted 364 days of the year? Well make February 14th different. Go buy them some flowers."

There was something shifty and fake about V-Day for me all these years...

It turns out I was right.

Valentine's is a lying, two-timing, slime-ball.

("Slime-ball": A term used through-out the 80s. Mostly while wearing a sweater wrapped and tied around your hip.)

Let me Tarantino this for a second...

I'm writing and posting this on February 15th.

NOT on the "day of"!

Because contrary to what angry, lonely women think: not ALL men are pigs. (Just most of us).

And it would be very rotten and piggish of me to rain truth on everyone's February 14th parade.

Example: You don't go to a kid's birthday party and start popping his Happy Birthday balloons.

That's just rude.

And Genie's know better.

Thanks to Genie ethics classes. (It was the class right before "Carpet Flying").

Plus I fear the retaliation...

The fury of a woman denied her flowers and chocolates and forced-romance is like slapping a sleeping, rabid dog in the face with a T-bone steak. It's just not a smart piece of action.


It's the day after! Valentine's is over.

So suck it up...

Because I'm about to dish out a reality check.

With all that build up, I'll also give you the let-down.

Here's the let-down...

This Rant has little to do with Valentine's.

It's about fact vs fiction. (And how that turns into more money in your business... yes, this IS about your business).

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