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Thread: Stephen Clark - ULTIMATE Internet Seduction Guide JV Invite

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    Stephen Clark - ULTIMATE Internet Seduction Guide - JV Invite

    Stephen Clark - ULTIMATE Internet Seduction Guide - JV Invite
    Launch Day: Saturday, December 10th 2011

    Hello my fellow marketers, Stephen Clark here.

    After promoting everyone elses products for years as an affiliate, I'm excited to announce the launch of my first product as a vendor!

    Fact #1: Guys love Women
    Fact #2: Most guys would love to improve their ability to meet quality women.

    Especially if they were handed a set of powerful methods that they can use online to find, attract and meet quality girls - way easier (and less expensive) than trolling their local bars and clubs.

    ULTIMATE Internet Seduction Guide is a low-cost, high-quality course that greatly appeals to any man out there who would like to improve his results with meeting women (hint: it's nearly all of them).

    This Market Is HUGE & Very HUNGRY to Learn These Methods!

    I've studied the best marketers on the web for years, and have created a KILLER sales page and sales funnel for us all to make some bank from.

    Your customers will be glad to gain access to a comprehensive set of materials that will teach them proven, real-world techniques for meeting and attracting quality women online. THEY WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

    Here's what YOU get as my partner:

    • First Dibs on Promoting this HOT New Online Dating/Seduction Course to All the Men Out There Who Need It

    • KILLER Sales Page to convert your traffic like CRAZY!

    • 65% Commissions Paid Straight To Your Paypal

    • 2 Tier Commission Option Available. Refer others to my affiliate program and receive a cool 10% commission on all THEIR sales!

    • Very HUNGRY Market Out There For This Content

    • Low-cost ($27) + High-Value benefits (priceless) = WINNING COMBINATION for your customers, and LOTS of sales for you!

    • EVERGREEN product that will only become MORE popular over time. Also would make a great backend offer for any of your own products

    • Affiliate Tools Provided

    • Special Requests Are Welcome (custom landing page, unique discount codes, adding a tracking pixel, etc...)

    I'm willing to go the extra mile for anything you may need in order to promote this more effectively. Just let me know!

    I can't wait to have you on board, and create a long-term partnership, and hopefully a friendship, with you!

    -Stephen Clark

    Please visit my JV/Affiliate signup page at the link below!

    Stephen Clark - ULTIMATE Internet Seduction Guide - JV Invite

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    Looks pretty good Stephen,
    I work with someone in this market and would love to chat.
    Added you in skype,

    Chat Soon,

    David King


    Networking is my #1 Priority here! Let's connect!

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