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Thread: Brief Layout of How to Launch

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    Hey Matt...it's a very good place to get feedback on your product/sales funnel/etc before the real launch. There is a lot of money to be made as well as some of the affiliates there are actually pretty big, but it's a good testing ground from a product launch perspective.

    The only thing it is bad at is for pricing. Pricing in the WSO section is wacko....prices are extremely low versus the value of the products compared to the outside market. A $47 clickbank product will not sell well in the WSO section for $47 or even $37. Most products are under $25. But there are still big six figure launches because of the volume.

    But yes, WSOs are great for many reasons other than making money...like I mentions....feedback, stats, stuff like that

    Appreciate the thumbs up buddy!

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    The Warrior Forum can be all three Matt.
    I've used it to establish a reputation in a
    niche, get reviews and testimonials of my products, ID and
    recruit affiliates, get comments on squeeze
    pages and a whole lot more.

    I'm in the final stages of a product launch and
    am doing the initial launch as a WSO. My objectives
    include building a list, recruiting affiliates and
    potential JV partners, test my affiliate contest,
    establish a reputation as a quality product creator
    and get statistics to prove conversions to larger list owners.

    As Kenster mentioned, it's great for testing
    and optimizing a sales funnel as well as conversions,
    which are among my primary goals.

    It's also been a place from which I've developed
    some very valuable relationships, including a
    couple mentors.

    ~To your success~ Paul

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    This is a great post. Well written, concise and easy to follow. Wish I had seen it BEFORE i did all the legwork for my launch.

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    Thanks admin! God bless you! sir i'm new here i don't know where to start, and what to do. please help! too many things here to read. lol

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