What Do Joint Venture Partners Look For?
By Reed Floren

I get approached all the time and have done a lot of
approaching myself.

From my experience most joint venture partners are looking
for the following:

1. High quality product

2. Great sales copy

3. High commissions

Joint venture partners look for high quality products that
compliment rather then compete with them. For instance say
the potential partner sells an eBook on “How To Build Your
List” and you sell a product on “How To Promote Affiliate
Programs To Your Lists” then you two aren’t directly
competing with one another.

You will want sales copy that converts well – I recommend
testing your copy before getting others to promote. You can
then use those stats to help convince them of promoting.

I have found that big ticket items, giveaways (with
one-time-offers) and membership sites are easier to get
marketers on board with since they can produce a
significant amount of income for the marketer with a very
small amount of work.

When you combine those three elements you have something
that joint venture partners are clamoring for and it will
be much easier to get them to promote your product.

Not all joint venture partners are looking for this but I
give preferential treatment to the following.

1. Reciprocal mailing

2. Integration marketing – when someone signs up they see
something for my stuff

3. A contest – with rankings and prizes

Combine these and what was above and you have a real
winner. It will become a product that people will talk
about for quite some time and that will really help you out.

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