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Thread: Need Help Promoting $5,000.00 Turnkey Real-Time Ad Bidding Business

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    Need Help Promoting $5,000.00 Turnkey Real-Time Ad Bidding Business

    Real-Time Bidding for traffic is the fastest growing segment in Digital Ad Placements. I have 15 years experience in this industry and have a turnkey Automated Arbitrage System To Offer To 250 Business Seekers.

    Buyers will be able to deal directly with traffic sources, offer real-time bidding or BIN purchases from the publishers. Can also setup Private Trades and Exchanges. Full Training included.

    I earned over $3.1 Million manually doing what this new automated system now does, and I am backing the system with a 6 month money back guarantee.

    Would be interested in a JV with someone to help promote this. I am very flexible with everything ..this is my first time attempting a JV.

    Searches under realtime bidding, ad exchange, demand side and supply side platform will reveal how lucrative this market is.

    Will also tweak the site if need be and am still tweaking members area videos as I speak:


    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide. I know my business...but know zilch about JV's and promoting this the way some of you are able to.
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    Lets talk.....I need more details....this is definitely in my sweet spot. My Skype is mjapsey. Skype me and ill send you my cell and email.


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    I'd be open to a convo too. I typically play with higher ticket / targeted offers and could have some good value to bring to this.

    My skype, facebook, phone, email and everything is at www.RobToth.com . I'd be happy to virtual-meet.

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