How To Approach A Joint Venture Partner
By Reed Floren

Quality joint venture partners are being approached
non-stop. They have tons of time commitments and it is
usually better for them to promote their own products to
their list.

So how do you approach them?

There are many ways to approach a JV partner but what I
have found to work well is to try and develop a
relationship with them first. You could:

1. Compliment them

Simply compliment your potential JV partners on a job well
done. Perhaps they did a teleseminar and you learned
something useful or you like how their web site looks. Feed
the ego and show genuine interest in someone it pays back a
thousand times fold.

2. Buy something of their’s

A popular way of building a relationship with someone is to
actually buy their product that way you have a perfect
reason to contact them and tell them how great you feel it

3. Promote something of their’s

If you have a list that responds well promote something of
your joint venture partner’s and let them know about the
success you had. I know I give preferential treatment to
those that have promoted me in the past. This establishes
the reciprocity factor and that is a huge motivator in most

In conclusion, I recommend doing all of the above…

1. Buy a potential joint venture partner’s product

2. Review it (this can become content and promo material

3. Give them a testimonial

4. Promote their product

5. Keep following up until you can get them to review your

Sounds easy right?

Now just do it!

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