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Thread: How To Attract JV Partners And Affiliates

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    Hi Jay,

    Great article! I agree with you and Kenstar, starting small and building your relationships is the only way to go. There is no push button system to get the big guns to support you, its all about relationship building, give and take, and most importantly trust. And all this comes with time and effort.
    I also agree with Amy, the only way to build your online presence and to have a good reputation is to create good products. It pays off in the long run. A bad product will leave a mark on you that will be unshakeable and it will take a lot more effort to get your name back in the good books then it would have taken you to just create a good product in the first place.
    Good advice guys... and gals



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    Yup yup, couldn't agree more.. I actually prefer one on one adswaps just for that reason anyways rather than doing impersonal MEGA launches every other month and make better friends and MORE money doing it that way!

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