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Thread: Launch business selling

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    Cool Launch business selling

    Hi everyone,

    It's Ian Lian here, the owner of Viral Traffic Avalanche.

    I'm here to sell the business Viral Traffic Avalanche.

    I started this project on Feb, 2011. And ran a little launch on June on CB. Some of my affiliates got $9 EPCs.

    But since I'm a totally "Nobody" in IM niche, I can't get big name in.

    Then I found Steven Johnson, we agreed to launch the business together, but he get most of the incomes and all the lists, I got the ownership of the site and vendor account after launch.

    So Steven improved all the sales pages and sales funnel, and we move to Click 2 Sell because of the CB problem. And we launch it this month. But maybe the conversion was not good enough, he never recruit top guys to promote it.

    Anyway, I just wanna sell the business now, the site, the products, sales pages, etc...

    And Steven still didn't give me the Click2Sell account, he's busy working on the relaunch.

    So let me know if you're interested,


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    Maybe you needed a better business platform. One that pays your affiliates, partners, jv partners, broker, and affiliate manager instantly at the point of sale on every sale. Why make affiliates and all the other people involved in a sale wait for their commissions. I'm looking for marketers to beta test my new content management software. If you would like to be a beta tester and give your product another try then pm me. I hope we can pm here. I will give you my software to test for a testimonial.

    You say that you did not get the list. With my business platform all partners can receive the list in real time. Heck, you can even allow your affiliates to build a list in their own autoresponder from a squeeze page, which I don't see on your site. So you must just be talking about a buyers list.

    Another problem I think I see with your launch is that you say your affiliates are only making $9 on a $50 product. They should be making at least $25 and more like $30. Plus if they were to receive their money instantly on every sale, you would be able to recruit more affiliates to promote your product.

    If you had an upsell, you could even offer 75% to 100% commissions on the front end and take your profit on the backend.

    There are several things that are not visible by visiting your Viral Traffic Avalanche site. What is the backend to this product? What is your upsell? Where is your downsell? Does the product really work? Where are your testimonials?

    This product appears to be one of those one button programs that don't work. Real testimonials could help. If your product really works then making some of these changes can really help your income with this product if you still want to sell it.

    I hope this is helpful,
    Steve Yakim

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