Are You Ready For This?

I know we all have the greatest product ever and I do to. Well at least I am pretty sure I do. I am in the process of finishing my PayPerCall Product right now and looking to launch in September of 2011. We have all the right stuff in place for a perfect launch, real numbers of over $12,000 a day with scree shots, testimonials from people I have taught this to, a full on staff of people to see this thru, hours and hours of video and the entire paypercall industry behind me on this one.

I'll be honest this is my first launch, but I am no newbie to the IM market. I have done many large scale projects but have never done a full scale launch. Currently I have hired one of the best copy writers around for Click Bank products. Vin Montello (not cheap but real good). I don't have lists in the IM market and have never really promoted anyone's product. Therefore I am looking for someone who has these connections in place.

I have actually made my cash from doing what I am teaching. You can see live proof by going here:

If you are looking for a nice gig and looking to make some money while doing it, please e-mail me at justinelenburg at gmail dot com

I am really looking for someone that can walk me through the phases of getting affiliates, has many connections in place ready to hit the send button and keeping all the affiliates excited. I have thousands of dollars in prizes to give away including a honda CRF450 dirt bike.


Justin Elenburg