Hey guys,

I want to share you with you a method that I use when creating and
testing a product. It has brought me in fantastic results and it can do the
same for you too!

Step 1. Create quality product

It goes without saying really that your product needs
to be quality. It needs to do what it says it does.

Step 2. Create pre launch videos with quality information.

This step isn't crucial but from my personal experience
it converts a lot better if you have pre launch videos.
Dan Brock may say otherwise

Step 3. Create free wso's directing to pre launch videos

This builds your list. Doing a product launch is one of the absolute
best ways to build your list

Step 4. Launch onto warrior forum as WSO

After pre launch, launch onto the warrior forum as a WSO.
This is a good way to test your launch process and get
feedback from real users, which takes us to step 5.

Step 5. Get feedback from actual users (beta testers)

Does your product work like you say it does? What is the
feedback from the people that purchased the product? What
is the refund rate?

This is a method I love to use when testing and creating
a product.

It gives you a sense of what needs work and what needs to
be done. It builds your list and gets you exposure. You
can run through the full process and do a mini launch
using this simple method that not many people are talking

You get to test your product. Build a list and make a little
cash along the way. Three massive benefits!

Speak soon,