Hi There! We just launched The HoJo Motor Plans and it's currently converting at 10.9%!

Our program teaches people how to build a brand new magnetic generator that produces free energy (with 3 U.S. patents)! We're actually the only “free energy” device on the market with such a claim and this is what drives our conversion rates so high!

Anyone interested in magnetic generators/motors, lowering their electricity bills, living a green lifestyle, or producing power for their home…is sure to be interested in our product.

So if you have experience doing article marketing, creating a niche websites, building targeted email lists, or video marketing...these methods convert very well (and some of our top affiliates are just using PPC and are actually getting conversion rates around 10% as well).

The front-end guide that shows how to build the patented “HoJo Motor” is $49.97 and the back-end upsell “Tesla Generator Guide” is $67.97. And we pay our partners and affiliates 75% for every sale they refer to us. So if someone you refer to us buys both the front-end “HoJo Motor Guide” and also the upsell “Tesla Generator Guide”…you’ll make $88.44 per sale!

We also have all kinds of resources, tools, banner, images, emails, articles, and reviews for our affiliates to use so they can quickly start profiting as a partner with us. You can see them here:

>> http://HoJoMotor.com/resources

>> http://HoJoMotor.com/affiliates

>> Pre-written review: http://hojomotor.com/review.html

>> Pre-written articles: http://hojomotor.com/articles.html

>> Pre-written emails (to market to a list): http://hojomotor.com/emails.html

These resources should help you start profiting with the “HoJo Motor Guide” very quickly!

We’re also committed to continuously split testing our sales page to keep getting higher and higher conversion rates for our affiliates!

...We’d love to see you as a partner/affiliate and we’ll support you and help you in any way we can.

If you have any questions or need any help…let us know! We’d be more than happy to help you.

We know that with the high commissions we pay our affiliates (75% of the sales price for both the HoJo Motor guide + upsell product), the high conversion rates our product gets (10.9% average right now for our affiliates), the great sales video/sales copy we have, and the 3 U.S. patents to back our product…

…our brand new magnetic generator will convert very well for our affiliates (and you) !

We hope to see you as an affiliate! Let us know if we can do anything to help you!

Steven Jones - Affiliate Manager For The http://HoJoMotor.com

*Affiliate Pages: http://HoJoMotor.com/resources, http://HoJoMotor.com/affiliates