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Thread: The List?

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    The List?

    I dont if this the area to post this however I am new here..... so here I go.... First off my name is Robert (Bob) Rielly and I am glad I found this forum. I have learn a wealth of info here thus far and looking to learn more as I go along. I have been in business now for a couple of years and until say 8 months ago I didnt take it seriously. Now I have been working on my own product since then and hope to launch in a few months...... But here is my problem.... I dont got a list..... never had a list....now I realize how important the list is....and dont have one..... I know SHAME on me..... but I never been able to generate one and dicided that I didnt need one.....BAD mistake. What is the best way to overcome this???? I know when I dothe launch I will have some sort of opt-in list....but in the short term how do I build trust with others to help me launch when it comes time.... or am going to have to delay my work and now start trying to build my list...

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    You can build a list quickly by using SOLO ADS, here's a site I recommend (as it is my own)

    ray-johnson DOT co DOT uk / soloads (hope that is allowed Mike!)

    Simply set up a squeezepage and a free gift they get when your prospect opt's in and the job is good!



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