Hey there-

Gman here with a terrific software product that's selling like hotcakes... and paying VERY nice affiliate commish!

Don't delay on this- the timing is good- and the product is Hugely In Demand, so I would definitely jump on this early (like NOW) and promote it Hard!

This is already in soft launch, and is converting like MAD...As high as $25 EPC to decent traffic! We are also on schedule to release an insane new configuration that should make this even MORE attractive and open it up to n00bs and marketers on a tight budget- watch for that coming June 17th, 2011, prelaunch starts June 10th, 2011.

This is another kickass 2-Tier JV invite here Exclusive To JVNPRO, and the conversions and EPC so far are SICK...

I've partnered up with Matt Iannotti and we are giving 40% 1st tier, and 10% second-tier commissions (if you qualify- email me) on the Explosive PLP Lead Generation Software packages:

You can check out the sales page here:

PowerLeadsPro: http://insiders-edge.com/secure/27cu/4151

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Join Now, and get the word out... You could make some very respectable money even if you don't have a big list, due to the stupid-easy conversion rate.

There's Three (3) levels of service to choose from ($297 / $497 / $997) so there's something for every one of your prospects, no matter what their experience level or budget, and there's no cheesy pop-ups, or shady rebill nonsense, etc. to drive down conversions and cause problems- Strictly Cash and Carry, and our refund rate is stupid low. There IS a backend, though, and can earn you commissions for years- more on that inside.

Matt and I are also totally ready to do webinars or demos for your lists to help you make sales anytime- just ask and I will schedule it. We can also put together custom offers for your people- hit me back and we can discuss your needs.

FYI, One of our partners (pretty sure he's a member here) just did over $7,500 in sales with a simple 45 minute webby- so get this out to your peeps and don't be shy about asking us to help!! I'm here for you any time.

Sign Up And Get Your Links! http://insiders-edge.com/secure/38vk/4151/order

I've known of Matt for years, and I will tell you, this guy puts out quality stuff- and his customer service and support is second to NONE. His refund rate is also Ridiculously LOW (usually less than 2%), and commissions are Paid Like Clockwork- Net 15 for the previous months sales (less any chargebacks). You can be proud to promote this, and feel very comfortable about getting paid on time...

Go get 'em,

Glenn "Gman" Grundberg

PS - Hell, you're gonna want this sick Lead Generation Software yourSELF- but hit me for a coupon before you pull the trigger

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