Hello friends.

See where I'm at now is, I've released several small products and WSOs throughout the past year and am now ready to do a real product launch. I have a great copywriter, a great designer and what I believe is a great product but what I'm most concerned about, is making sure that I have everything in place for potential affiliates and increasing the likelihood of them promoting for me.

One of the biggest concerns I have is 'contests'. I've seen some pretty intense contests going on in some of the recent IM product launches, some prizes that are really intimidating for me, since I feel like with launches offering prizes like that, where does that leave me? Is it worth it to run a small contest, or should I just not run a contest until I have something massive I can offer? I'd hate to lose out on great affiliates and partners because I can't promise big prizes and things like that to everybody. All I can promise is a great product, and the conversion rates of that product. I guess what my main question is regarding contests, do you feel that contests offering big prizes persuade you to promote that or would you also promote a product whos vendor is not offering a contest?

See, I've never done this before so I don't really know what to expect. I don't have any idea how many affiliates might promote, how many sales might come in, refund rates and all that. As far as refund rates, I personally maintain less than 3-5% but I know from watching and learning that refund rates can be a lot higher with lots of affiliate promotion because you only have so much control over how affiliates promote and how they presell the product.

Ultimately, aside from my question regarding contests, is a high quality product with a high conversion rate good enough for you to be willing to promote?

I'd really appreciate the input of any affiliates who frequently take part in launches. I'm an affiliate myself and have promoted quite a few launches with great success, but I want to know what it is from the perspective of bigger, more successful affiliates than I, that makes one strongly consider promoting a product.

See I don't have many friends in the game, I've pushed some sales for launches and had some individual affiliates promote for me as well, but have never been on the vendor side of a big product launch with the potential of attracting great affiliates and partners for both the present, and the future.

Any input would be appreciated. I really want to do this thing right, and make it the best it can be with what I have to offer.