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Thread: Product Launch Checklist (field tested)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky jenkins View Post
    Creating the product is the easy bit!
    Yes, creating the product is the easy bit and it's usually better to do it after the marketing stuff is ready, including sales page. Then you just create the product based on the sales letter....this way you won't leave anything out and no one will complain that you're making any false advertising either

    Great checklist btw. I've never used Crazyegg but I keep seeing their ads on Youtube. Looks like a great tool to have.
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    Great list - I've just finished my product and am now ready to start selling it - this list is great. I'm hosting my landing page with UNBOUNCE which allow me to do a/b split testing. I also came across another site, PLURALIS, that will optimize the conversion rate of my page. Making the product was the easy part -

    BTW, I'm so happy I found JVNotifypro - I've wasted weeks on another popular IM forum - they took my membership wouldn't approve a single post

    Thanks Mike!!!
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    hey Rob welcome to the forum and great resource thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by robert stanley View Post

    4-Create Landing Pages

    o Prelaunch Day 1

    o Prelaunch Day 2

    o Prelaunch Day 3

    o Sales Page / Video Sales Page

    o JV Page

    o Testimonials

    o Product Demo

    o Stats

    o Exit Popup / Offer

    o Downsell Offer

    o Upsell Offer
    Hi Robert,

    It mentions in your checklist that you use Exit Popups on your sales page, I've had experience with PPCs like Google and Bing reject pages with these kind of scripts, is this something you consider? Or does the return generated by them outweight any lost revenue opportunity?

    Anyone else have experience like this?

    Thanks in advance to all, any input appreciated

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    This is definitely a great list that I'll be using for my future launches thanks.

    And although you mention most of the mechanics here, what about the driving
    of the traffic, the press releases, the affiliates, the JV partners?

    I'm not sure but where do the rest of those crucial assets come into play?

    Either way, thanks for the great list here.


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