Hey everybody.

First of all thanks for all who are a part of this wonderful project as a whole.

Secondly, big thanks for Mike for making this possible.

I have something in the works right now, just about completed and I have a few questions about how this works, before I move forward.

I read everything I could find here regarding the subject of a JV invitation, but there are a couple things that are unclear to me.

1 - Is it ok to seek joint ventures elsewhere as well, or is it typically just JVNP members exclusively to be notified? If it's preferred that JVNP is the only JV platform be used for the launch, that's Ok, I'm just not sure.

2 - How do you automate the process of giving Mike (thanks again Mike) the second tier for all JVNP members who promote via clickbank?

3 - (question for JVNP members) What can I do for you during a launch, to make your life a piece of cake? (Aside from great quality)

Thank you all!