I've been doing a lot of research about JV's and how to get the big shots to promote for you.

I had a look through total control marketing, and mass control which are both incredible courses. But you know that the creators of these courses are some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing today.

Those guys are the ones you want to JV with. I hear Jeff Johnson say in a video that he has a personal list which is worth more than $100 per person, how well would a email to that list perform?!?!

The first thing they want is high end commissions, and/or continuity. Because let's face it, they can virtually promote anything that they want to their list, and be assured it will be a profitable mailing.

But even with high end commissions and/or continuity, there's one big setback that will prevent them from doing this for you. 'Their list is worth more than $100 per person...They don't want to 'give away' their list just to make some quick sales.

I'm sure you know that when the list buys the product, they will usually have to opt in to receive the product or their username and password to access the members area.

So you have to personalize your offer for their list, personally. You should offer a deal that is unique to only their list, nad here's the kicker, ALLOW THEM TO TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT WITHOUT THE OPT-IN . Let them keep their list, and try to get some opt-ins on the backend, unobtrusivly.

Pay out high, and make personlized offers for their list without requiring their list opt-in to yours.

Make it worth it in every way for the big guys to promote your stuff. Next time maybe you can get some of the list.