Compelling Strategic JV Alliances Uncovered!

2006, Mark M. Bravura


While not the same, a Strategic Alliance [SA] shares the same
roots as a tight-knit JV Co-Op.

As a matter of fact, nearly all SA's 'evolved' out of what
started out as a simple JV Co-Op; that actually became
mutually prosperous to ALL It's Members-

Not just the ones running the gig!

The other primary difference between a JV Co-Op and a
Strategic Alliance is:

A Strategic Alliance actually operates a as single-focus
; insuring maximum [monetary] gain via deft wielding
of Collective Leverage.

Whereas a JV Co-Op is just that- a loose group of individuals
sharing a common goal, albeit not [usually] operating in the
peak Top-of-Mind Collective Awareness; nor exercising maximum
leverage capabilities ['too many cooks can spoil the pot']...

Essentially- a primitive foundation for a Strategic Alliance.

Tasty Ingredients Found In All Compelling SA's-

Whether an SA is formed at the Corporate level, or the
'common' level; certain attributes will always be present:

<> An unbending Code of Ethics;

<> A mutually-prosperous Unified Vision;

<> A truly passive/residual Revenue Model- available to all
Members [i.e. A 2 Tier/2-Up JV Powerline Program];

<> A vast, mutually-accessible Knowledge Base [i.e. A Monster
Depository of Master and P.L.R. Reprint Rights];

<> Clear channels of open communication [i.e. Blogs, Forums,

<> A Unified Traffic/Promotion Strategy;

<> Performance-based Membership Rewards System.

Though it is obviously a great strategic undertaking-

The money-making capabilities rise exponentially...

Compared to the sum total of the capabilities of each
individual, when precisely executed!

As JV Marketers, it is our highest Goal and Vision to assist
manifestation of a powerful SA when given opportunity to do

The real difficulty in attracting a highly successful SA lies
not in finding a demand for such- there's always a screaming

The difficulty lies in proper and prudent selection of the
Facilitators for the SA. Just as every JV is likened to a
marriage proposal; far more so with an SA.

The propensity for greed [love of money] is exceedingly
great; which is why an unbending Code of Ethics and Vision/
Mission Statement is of paramount importance.

That said, the Rewards for Members of a truly honorable SA-
conducted with dignity- is indescribably astounding!

This is why the Rich will continue to get richer and the poor
will continue to suffer.

The Rich understand the unadulterated, raw power of single-
Collective Campaign Targeting.

Maximum efficiency.

Maximum Profits.

Virtually no waste in time, energy or money.