Despite doing what I can to help new JVNP partners navigate the community successfully, we're still seeing a lot of folks ...

1) Introducing themselves in the wrong places ...

2) Asking for help recruiting 'affiliates' (this is a JV Community ... NOT an Affiliate Recruitment service!) ...

3) Posting JV Offers and help requests in the Main Discussion area (that section is for interactive content ... not to draw attention to you or your offers within the content!).

4) Not filling out their profile completely, nor using their signature file ... which is your only allowable method of self promotion within the main discussion area, so it's recommended that you take advantage of it.

5) Putting the cart before the horse by jumping in and posting before understanding how to best participate in this community. Please remember that how you introduce yourself and what you say within posts and threads will either adversely or positively affect how you will be perceived by your peers.

I don't mind helping those new to JV Marketing learn how to be productive members of the JV Marketing Community, but you will have to work hard and apply what you've learned ... and that will take time. Please don't embarrass yourselves by asking for too much too soon ... take the time to do things right.

Here is the post mentioned in your Welcome email ... please start there before doing anything else.

What Is JVNotifyPro 2.0/JVNewsWatch? (Start Here ...)

The ultimate goal of JV Notify Pro is to help us help each other succeed via JV Marketing ... please do your part by learning what to do, first.




Generic posts by Newbie partners asking for help making money on the Internet will simply be deleted from now on without warning ... we've seen way too many of these off topic posts, and I'll be darned if I'm going to let this bad habit drive away experienced partners.

This community exists to allow merchants to work together toward mutual success using JV Marketing as a networking and promotional vehicle. We're not here to be your personal basic knowledge ATM ... read the archives and ask specific questions ... PLEASE!