Hi Everyone,

I have 12+ years experience in Web related technologies.

I can help you in these areas:

Script/Program/Site installation

All those scary things like FTP uploads, Changing file permissions, editing config files, setting up sub-domains, redirecting, database setup, Wordpress plugin installation, managing your sites with cPanel, phpMyAdmin and most other web and site related technologies

HTML, PHP and Perl script "tweaking"

Lots of faulty pre-made sites or scripts are often given away or sold at a low price so the programmers who created it can then charge VERY HIGH rates to "fix" it for you. Or, there is no support and the documentation is horrible. I can help you!

General Consulting

I love teaching people. So, if you want to learn, I can teach you as I solve a problem for you. Or, I can just fix something that's broken and keep my mouth shut.

I also do personal file recovery: http://www.thefilehound.com

Interestingly, The File Hound site cost me less than $100 to have created from scratch. All I did was sketch out the design, pick colors and answer a couple of questions. I could have the same thing done for you at approximately the same price (Wordpress themes too).

I normally charge $45/hour or a flat fee per job. I bill in 30 minute increments.

For members of this site, I'll charge a lower rate of $40/hour -OR- trade for a service or product of the same value.

I'm looking forward to talking with all of you. I'm just getting started in the "business" side of things and hope to be making money online with the rest of you soon!

Bill Schuler