Eric Dahl - Grows Without You: Lead Generation and Sales Blueprint - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, December 20th 2023

Dear Fellow JVNP 2.0/JVNewsWatch Partners,

First, Ive received so much value from this community.

Im happy to be here with all of you.

Im reaching out to you today because I have an opportunity.

This opportunity has a lot of potential to empower many business owners in this information marketing and expert space.

Let me take a moment and introduce myself.

My name is Eric Dahl, and I'm the owner of
My background is in helping business owners of various types of businesses.

I've worked with doctors, chiropractors, practitioners, real estate professionals, retail stores, online stores, and more!

In fact, at one point, one of my clients wasone of the world's top online strap-selling companies.

I have a breadth of experience helping business owners not only get leads and make more sales ...

... but even internally ...

... helping them with the actual business operations ...

... helping them create systems that allow them to hire ...

... helping them expand their business ...

... and doing this in such a way that they can replace themselves!

I call that an Independent Business.

I define an Independent Business as a business that can grow without the business owner, and the litmus test is that if you can leave for a year or more and the business STILL grows, runs, and scales without you ...

... Congrats!

You have an Independent Business.

And so, my whole mission, my entire goal, is to help my clients go from working 60-hour weeks, which is about average for most business owners, to where they're working zero-hour weeks.

For this month, Im running a special offer and something I think youd love to promote ... its called:

Grows Without You: Systematic Lead Generation and Sales Blueprint

We have NEW sales pages, new designs, new copy, new angles, and valuable business boosting bonuses valued at over $432 that your customers will EXTRACT a lot of cutting-edge business growth systems from ... THIS FUNNEL IS DEEP with 5 upsells!

This is my second launch on Warrior Plus, so I appreciate those of you who are also looking to start something new. The first launch resulted in a 7% conversion.

I expect this to do just as well.

As long as you have experience running traffic and an email list, I think this is an income opportunity with which we can all grow together.

I invite you to look at the affiliate and sales pages and sign up to become an affiliate.

Eric Dahl - Grows Without You: Lead Generation and Sales Blueprint - JV Invite