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Jeff Hays - Firearms And Freedoms Launch Affiliate Program Registration Page
Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, March 21st 2023
Launch Day: Tuesday, April 4th 2023 - Sunday, April 23rd 2023

Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner, as a F&F affiliate, all you do is send your list a series of fun, short, family-friendly emails or social media posts inviting them to watch the world online premiere of Firearms and Freedom for FREE.

Viewers have 24 hours to watch each episode, which gets them hugely excited, on-board with our mission, and involved.

*When the free-view period ends, a significant chunk of people will want to own the entire series (along with some incredible and valuable bonuses). They appreciate watching episodes they missed, or rewatching moments they loved sharing with their family.

Short on Time? Get Started With The Firearms and Freedoms Affiliate Program.

You can only win ...

- Firearms are a hot-button topic EVERYONE cares about.

- A family-friendly offer you can promote to adults anywhere.
- You get a huge 40-50% commission per sale.
- 40% on physical purchases, 50% on digital.
- Each sale from your list nets you between $39 and $148 with an historic AOV of over $200!
- Only send free viewing opportunities for your followers, Send ZERO sales emails to your list (leaving you free to promote other offers).
- Sky-high conversions and low, low refunds.

Firearms and Freedom answers all these questions, and so many more.

We’re delivering the highest quality production and sharing some of the country's leading voices on the dangers of tyranny, legislation, government control, and the pros and cons of firearms.

Recent events like Measure 114 (Oregon) and New York vs Bruen make this a must watch event for concerned citizens.

We all know increased legislation will infringe our constitutional 2nd-amendment rights and turn our children and grandchildren into servants of the state.

What many fail to see is the domino effect waiting to happen (but the government is counting on us to miss this).

New state and police powers will almost certainly knock down the 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, and that will only be the start of the loss of our freedoms.

The fight back starts here.

Real Talk You Can Trust From 31 Leading Experts and Community Leaders, Including ...

JP Sears - freedom-loving comedian, author, and YouTuber.

Tucker Max- Fearless freedom advocate, author, and reformed party animal.
Kendra Geronimo - Sex trafficking survivor and women’s safety advocate.
Jeff Gonzales - Former US Navy Seal, modern warfare professional, and founder of Trident Concepts.
Mychael Waller - Gun advocate, concealed carrier, and CEO of MJ’s Firearms.
Kari Grayson - NRA and USCCA firearms instructor and leader of the Well-Armed Woman shooting chapter.
Jacob Paulsen - Founder and President of Concealedcarry com
Kevin Dixie - Firearms trainer and founder of anti-violence program ‘Aiming For The Truth’.
Maj Toure - American libertarian, political activist and rapper.
Tim Schmidt - Founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.
Mike Sodini - Mental health advocate, and founder of Walk The Talk America.
Kevin Michalowski - Executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine.

Navy Seals, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, activists, rappers, mothers, fathers, safety advocates, mental health supporters, African American community champions, Women’s safety advocates …

And the heroes who escaped death at the hands of violent criminals and saved innocent lives in the process.

Become a Firearms and Freedoms Affiliate.

Thank you, in advance, for joining our crucial mission to defend second amendment rights and help patriots to push back on one-sided propaganda.

Before we show you what to do next, here’s a quick reminder of what you’re getting:

- You Earn 50%.

- Our Packages Range from $79 to $297.
- You never send a sales email!
- Just invite your audience to participate in the online FREE viewing.

Some will want to purchase the interviews to keep either in digital or physical DVDs.


Your Firearms and Freedom Timeline:

Follow the process = make more money.

It really is that simple!

- During the weeks of March 21st - April 4th, send a few of the emails we’ve pre-written for you so readers can sign up to watch for free (we’ll be emailing you personalized swipe copy).

- You can also post on your Facebook and Twitter feeds to drive traffic.
- Send one email on April 3rd, the day before the first episode goes live.
- Send one last follow up email on April 4th , reminding readers this is their last chance to watch episode 1 free. (People hate missing out, and will appreciate you reminding them.)
- When all 9 episodes have aired, the cart opens for people to buy. (You do not have to send emails about this.)
- You earn 50% of every dollar your sign ups spend on the digital product and 40% for shipped products, for the lifetime of the product (not just this launch).
- Get paid within 60 days of the cart closing and then monthly as sales come in.


Full Replay Weekend: When the launch is over, we’ll give everyone a surprise 48 hours to watch free one last time. Let your list know when it happens, and you’ll get a healthy revenue boost.

Based on preliminary indicators, we anticipate this project will yield a record-breaking earnings per click in this category of event.


We think you’ll love joining us as an affiliate for this Firearms and Freedom event.

Your followers are crying out for this information and will be grateful to YOU for helping them access it free of charge.

Together we’ll protect freedom, and you’ll be well paid for your efforts.

Register below and we’ll reach out personally to get you everything you need to make this event a success.

Get Started With The Firearms and Freedoms Affiliate Program.

Meet Your Partner, Jeff Hays.

Jeff Hays is a filmmaker and a serial entrepreneur. He began making films back in the late nineties.

He is most known for Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004), a response to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, and On Native Soil (2006), a documentary focusing on the passionate demand of the surviving family members of 9/11 victims, for an official investigation into the 9/11 attacks. This documentary, which was narrated by Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank was short-listed for an Academy Award.

Hays’ most recent health documentary projects were
“Bought”, “Doctored”and “Undoctored”.

Hays explains,
“In recent years my eyes have been opened to alternative healthcare options.
The immediate increase in health I experienced personally after starting down this road is something I’ve just got to share with people.”

Hays was commissioned by Patrick Byrne, of Overstock.com to produce a film about the 2016 elections and candidates. This film, “Rigged 2016” was released in November 2016

A pet project is mycrowdfunding com, where Hays teaches filmmakers and entrepreneurs how to create successful donor crowdfunding projects based on his 7-figure success in crowdfunding.

Hays lives in the mountains of Utah with his dog Abby and works from his office in NY. He’s the father of 9, and grandfather of 12, with new one’s arriving annually…

Get Started With The Firearms and Freedoms Affiliate Program.


Jeff Hays' Firearms And Freedoms Launch JV Team

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