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Thread: Affiliate Traffic Tricks

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    Lightbulb Affiliate Traffic Tricks

    Hey all,

    With affiliate programs, you can easily sell products without
    even having to have the product in your hand. As nice as it
    sounds, you still need to have you own website; it is a
    requirement for many affiliate programs. Having a website is
    ideal, but to really make money with affiliate programs, you
    need to have a website that receives a relatively high amount of
    traffic. If you would like to increase the amount of traffic
    that your website sees, you should examine newsletters. They are
    a great way to increase website traffic.

    Before examining how newsletters can help you increase your
    websites traffic, it is best that you first understand
    newsletters. When it comes to understanding newsletters, there
    tends to be a little bit of confusion. Newsletters come in a
    number of different shapes, sizes, and styles; they are all used
    for different purposes. Newsletters are essentially emails that
    are sent to those who have requested to receive them. Some use
    newsletters solely to update their customers and other uses them
    just as means of regular communication. Despite a variation in
    purposes, one the most common uses of a newsletter is to
    increase traffic.

    One of the most common questions asked, concerning email
    newsletters is ďwhy?Ē A large number of individuals, namely
    affiliate program participants, wonder why they should even
    bother writing and then distributing a newsletter. In all
    honesty, there are an unlimited number of reasons why you should
    write and distribute newsletters to those who are interested in
    receiving them. The number one reason is because you can do it
    as little or as often as you want. Many webmasters only send
    out newsletters as often as their time allows them to do so. It
    is also important to note that your newsletter content can be
    whatever you want it to be. In fact, you may even want to think
    about tying in your affiliate program or the products that you
    are selling.

    In conjunction with an affiliate program or an affiliate product
    tie in, you can not only use newsletters to increase your
    website traffic, but also to promote your affiliate products;
    products that you are responsible to help sell. You can do this
    by writing a quick review or recommendation of the products or
    products that you are helping to sell. If you havenít tried the
    product yourself, you may want to try and find other internet
    users who have. Most of the time, you will find that many
    internet users are more than willing to write a quick review,
    just for the sake of helping others.

    If you are an article writer or if you enjoy writing, you may
    want to write your own newsletters. If you are not an article
    writer or if you are, but you just donít have the time to
    produce you own newsletters, you donít have to. There are a
    number of alternatives for you to choose from. One of the
    easiest alternatives is to pay a professional to write your
    newsletter for you. If you are looking for a free way to make a
    newsletter, you are urged to examine article directories. Many
    article directories give out free usage rights for their
    articles. This means that you can easily find newsletter
    content, that you didnít write, without having to spend a dime!
    When using article directories, it is advised that you use
    articles that are, in one way or another, related to your
    website or the affiliate products that you are helping to sell.

    As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should at
    least think about writing and disturbing a newsletter. In
    addition to those reasons, there are also an unlimited number of
    benefits to using newsletters to your advantage. Whether you
    make the decision to write your own newsletters, hire a
    professional, or use free content from article directories, you
    are urged to give newsletters a chance. In the end, you might
    be surprised just how effective they are.

    To your success,
    BIG John - Backwoods Redneck
    * www.JustAskBigJohn.com *
    Living proof "A Country Boy Can Survive"
    in the digital age & Still Skin A Buck!

    P.S. Have you ever received a newsletter in your email? A large
    number of internet users do and many actually read them!

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    hey big john,

    total noob here!

    what's a newsletter look like?


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    A newsletter is an ezine article or email with content. It keeps your list active looking at your content.


    Quote Originally Posted by eaguirre View Post
    hey big john,

    total noob here!

    what's a newsletter look like?


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    hey big john,

    thanks for the tip sounds like that will be very usefull

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    That's great thanks Big John.

    A twist people have been using on the newsletter model is to get the product owner to write a blog post on your site, then use that blog post as your newsletter. After your audience is introduced to the product owner.. .BAM... hit them with the product owners promotion.

    This saves you from having to do any writing, or product creation.

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    Blog Entries
    Your welcome guys!.. Happy to help. Free free to add me on Skype @ multifaceted1 if you need any help on this

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