Barry Joyce & Rob Corrigan - Home Tutoring Academy - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, January 20th 2021

English and math skills are becoming more and more important in the modern world.

With a combination of over 60 years’ experience in the education sector both Rob and myself have helped well over 100,000 learners to successfully pass their exams.

Now, of course there is lots of free and paid math and English resources on the internet, but it’s a case of searching for hours and hours to find the right worksheet that fits the needs for you, and then it may not be the right one you need.

However, I can tell you, you will not find our compete done for you package (which also includes answers, which is very useful) anywhere else on the web ---- PLUS a compete done for you package that you can have a full license to edit and even sell it on as your own.

These tools we are providing are a product of a two-year study which was commissioned by the Department for Education in the UK. This involved Evidence-informed teaching to assess progress towards an evidence-informed teaching system.

We have held and still hold government contacts to upskill people in the UK with Math and English and these resources pay a major contribution in us achieving success.

Barry Joyce & Rob Corrigan - Home Tutoring Academy - JV Invite