Z10 Nig Ltd - Volcanic mound ore deposits - JV Invite
Launch Day: Saturday, January 9th 2021

Am Tijjani I will like to introduce or company to you we are interested in your partnership for equipment supply or sponsor, the payment will based on mineral extractions and sales repayment terms if you can agree to supply and extract the metallic mineral ore out of our 206 million tons of metallic ore which includes silver and gold, you just need to pay back 20% of your extractions sale profits until your supplying charges and profits are gained full and double if your investment is back with profitability, please contact us on our web z10.site or email us at info@z10.site let's start a long time partnership with joint tax payment that has three years of tax relive in Nigeria we are intending to have the deposit acquired by an interested organization but that will depend on the time to get acquired.
Tijjani Mohammed CEO
Z10 Nig Ltd

Z10 Nig Ltd - Volcanic mound ore deposits - JV Invite