MyStemCellPower - StemEnhance Ultra - JV Invite
Launch Day: Sunday, June 14th 2020

Promote the world's #1 stem cell nutrition supplement -- StemEnhance Ultra

The product has been commercially available since 2005 so there is already awareness.

There are very few people promoting this online, so the sky is the limit. Online is completely unsaturated and we can also target searches in Mandarin, Spanish and French.

As a bonus, all affiliates will receive:

2020 SEO tip sheet. The May Google update penalized a lot of websites. We moved uo to #1. Our guide on what we did includes:

* Schema markup, what it is and how to implement it
* Finding long tail keywords using a free tool and how best to implement them
* How to structure your website for rich snippets in the search results
* How to setup time stamps for your YouTube videos
* The 2 backlinks that made all the difference
* Content repurposing 101

How Would You Benefit?
Commissions are generated from:

* Retail sales (approximately 20% commission on retail and preferred customer orders)
* Rank rewards up to 50k (for example, accrue 1k in sales volume in 30 days and receive a $150 bonus)
* Enrollment bonuses (some people may choose to sign up as an IBO, which triggers a bonus)
* Commissions on all IBO orders (unilevel bonus)
* Car bonus (starts at 15k level)
* and more...

We will work closely with you at all times to help drive performance, offering:

* Expert advice on the development of your website including free analysis and SEO audit
* Marketing support and advice
* Regular account performance reviews
* Frequently updated marketing assets
* Recommendations to improve the performance and revenue of your account

We offer ready-to-post content for your social media channels and will assist you with anything else you may need to effectively promote and sell our products.

MyStemCellPower - StemEnhance Ultra - JV Invite