Ehsaas - Income Tactics - JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, June 18th 2020

Hello Affiliates!

Myself Ehsaas, Income Tactics is my first project. Before this I have worked as WordPress Web Developer, Web Content writer, I am also a Professional Writer. I am Quick learner and also a motivational speaker. Knowing me is not much Important but knowing about the courses is more important. So let me tell you about the Course...

About Course:

What will buyers will get with this Course?

- Free Domain name for 1 Year + Free Hosting for 1 Year + Digital Course Certificate

What will they learn?

- How to generate or choose a best niche for blog or business?
- How to expertise in your niche?
- How to develop WordPress Website?
- How to design?
- How to select best theme?
- The important and best plugins for the website.
- How to make website SEO friendly?
- How to write best Articles?
- How to create backlinks for your websites?
- How to monetize your website?
- How to start with Affiliate Marketing?
- How to get your first Affiliate Approval?
- Best tactics for Affiliating and Promoting any product

This Course Is the Best Course. Normally Online Courses are at very high rate:

- WordPress Website Developing : $170
- WordPress Web Designing : $150
- SEO Building : $170
- Affiliate marketing Course : $170

In total
: $660 (this is just basic)

It also goes $700-$900

But This Course is @ Just $300

Ehsaas - Income Tactics - JV Invite