Colin Smeaton - Bealeadrr Leadership Masterclass - JV Invite
Launch Day: Saturday, May 16th 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting my JV invite page.

I am looking for JV Partners and affiliates to help with the upcoming launch of my latest product, Bealeadrr Leadership Masterclass. It is an online training course designed for those who wish to enhance their leadership skills.

There is an upsell to the front end product, Executive Masterclass which focuses on other essential areas within an online / offline business environment such Communication, Company Culture, Productivity, Management, Teamwork an Project Management.

There is a downsell if Executive Masterclass is not purchased which is a lite version.

There is one upsell if the lite version is purchased and one downsell if it is not purchased.

My first product launch was done about for four years ago and was backed by internet marketing expert, John Thornhill.

There is a 50% commission across the entire sales funnel.

My JV page:

Colin Smeaton - Bealeadrr Leadership Masterclass - JV Invite