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Thread: The Lost Art Of Longevity

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    The Lost Art Of Longevity

    If your business model is set up in a way that you continually have to hustle to figure out, build, and schedule your next launch... You're leaving a lot of money and opportunity behind in your wake of never-ending launches.

    For 30 days, try adjusting your business model along the lines of what I describe below, and I can almost guarantee you that you will not only make a lot of money that you have been missing out on, but you'll also build a stable relationship with several new people who will be extremely valuable to your future launches.

    There are only two steps that you need to take that are going to lower your work volume (slow the rate of those constant launches), increase your overall income, and bring in new hard-hitting affiliates for when you do launches.

    Step one - Cross-promote
    Step two - Relationship building the easy way.

    Well, let's break those two little things down and get you on the right track!

    Cross promotions - An all but forgotten art that is so profitable and so powerful that I can't imagine having a business without it.

    The process is simple, you mail for a product seller's offer, and he sends for your offer at the same time.

    That way, you are both getting direct product sales and affiliate sales at the same time... Money on top of money!

    When you get wrapped up in the constant launch mentality, you tend to convince yourself that most people buy during launch, and the ones that didn't aren't likely to. So, you start working on your next launch.

    But cold hard reality dictates that the fewest people buy during launch and the true masses purchase after the launch is over for weeks and months to come.

    Are you forgetting about these people?

    1- They don't buy a product at launch for the simple reason that their email is getting hammered so hard that they feel like this must just be another one of those flavor-of-the-day products with no long term value. There are a lot of these people.

    2- The ones who wanted to buy it but didn't have the cash on hand at the moment. Then, once they get that cash, their inbox is already filled with the next new must-have right now product launch emails, and the email for your product has long since been buried. These people are so eager to buy from you... But you don't give them a chance.

    3- The ones who are notorious for waiting until they see feedback from other people. Again, so simple to get them to buy after the launch as ended.

    I could sit here and write up 50 different reasons that the vast majority didn't buy during your launch, but are more than happy to purchase from you after that launch has ended and their inbox is getting filled with the new next great thing.

    When a person is reminded of your product even in a sea of 'latest launches,' you have a massive advantage... They are already familiar with yours.

    And because they hear about yours while everyone else is talking about something else, it gives your product attention and a measure of additional credibility.

    So, your key is in finding suitable peers (easy enough to do with a little research on Clickbank, jvzoo, and warriorplus).

    Pick one, find his contact details, and send him a little email:

    Hey man, I'm Cliff. I am a product seller and was hoping you and I could do an exclusive cross-promotion for each other.

    Here's a link to my stats profile on xyx.com (whatever platform is handling your affiliates and payments) - (You're doing this so that he/she sees that you are very capable of moving product).

    I'm pretty sure I can move a good grip of yours and suspect you'll be able to do the same for me.

    We'll both get paid in both directions at the same time! - Let me know if you're interested.

    Love and butterfly kisses,

    See? A simple straight forward email designed to get a response.

    When they reply, you go into more detail about what a cross-promotion is and how it pays you both in both directions, then schedule a date/time to promo each other.

    Do that once or twice a week for a month and see what happens!

    That is the cross-promotion side. The second step (relationship) is a side-effect of the cross-promotion process itself.

    Because you both made each other money, along the way things get causal enough that he feels good about asking you to promote his next launch, and it's the same on your side.

    So now you have taken what would have been a dead has-been product, you made a lot more money from it after the launch ended, and you ended up having even more affiliate contacts to help you on future launches.

    Ultimately, because of the higher income, lower workload, and increased affiliate support during launch times, you are now able to step away from that insane launch cycle you have been locked into for so long and enjoy built-in longevity in your business so that you can ride this gravy-train for many years to come.

    What qualifies me to make such bold predictions and statements? I have been a full-timer in this industry since 1996. (that makes it close to 24 years at the time of this post).

    I have watched countless bright shining stars come in and shine bright, and within a few years fade away into nonexistence because their business model was not sustainable long term.

    So, latch on to this fantastic industry for the long run. Tweak your business model with decades in mind, and not just your next launch.

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    Thank you again for this article
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