Greg Secker - Smart Charts 2.0 - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, July 29th 2019

Hi there, welcome to the Smart Charts Partner Program.

Smart Charts 2.0 is a truly transformational forex trading platform founded by the world leader in Forex trading, Greg Secker. Greg has trained over 200,000 students worldwide and is regularly invited to train alongside Tony Robbins for his private Wealth Mastery members.

Smart Charts 2.0 is the only platform in the world to dedicate its focus to user success by combine educational courses linked to precise in-house 'how to' tutorials, an in-built trading platform and a social trading community. Students rave about the simplicity of everything being in one place. Nothing else comes close.

Smart Chart 2.0 Details
Price Point: $999
Commission: 40% = $399.60 per sale
Cookie Length: 90 days (so we're fair and cover both launch windows!)

To register and become a partner please CLICK HERE >> Greg Secker - Smart Charts 2.0 - JV Invite

Our annual launch sequences are starting very soon.

We have our Summer Launch starting on the 17th July and running through to Friday 2nd August.


..then we have our Autumn Launch starting on the 16th October and running through to the 1st November.

Telling your people about Smart Charts 2.0 will be one of the best things you do for them all year.

These will be the only Smart Charts 2.0 full JV/Partner launches for the remainder of this year, and we have completely updated both the online courses and the trading platform since the last one.

We have upgraded the dashboard too, reshot hours of videos and even masterminded with Jeff Walker himself as we enhanced the launch sequence, messaging and sales page.

This is the best version of Smart Charts to date.And the JV/Partner prize list will be super exciting too so it's going to get very exciting!

To register and become a partner please CLICK HERE >> Greg Secker - Smart Charts 2.0 - JV Invite

We'll be in touch with all your details, swipe copy, design asset, videos... the whole shooting match!

We look forward to working with you.

Greg Secker - Smart Charts 2.0 - JV Invite