By way of background, I am launching a quality, mass market nutraceutical product in January 2020 (think vitamins/probiotics, not fat stacker 9000 megaplus). For a few reasons, I few affiliate marketing as a great pathway to get up and running. However, we have run into an issue that you are all aware of. There are a lot of cheaper/low quality brands that claim they can do the same thing as our higher quality products, and there are a lot of lower/similar quality products that have unjustifiably high product prices. The former group dominates Amazon volume and the latter group dominates affiliate marketing because they can generate higher EPC (e.g., $1). My strategy was to offer high quality at a reasonable price, and it seems this is not suited for the affiliate marketing model... even if I max out commissions on a 1st sale, I think I would max out at $0.50-$0.60 EPC (assuming decent conversion post launch). I am actively trying to modify the business plan to get to the magical $1.00 EPC, but as of now I must plan for a $0.50 EPC.

So accordingly I had a few questions for you folks, and would appreciate any guidance

1. How do affiliate marketers think about higher quality/more legitimate product, but a lower EPC? Do affiliates/super affiliates care, or does say anything < $0.65 EPC just get screened out automatically as noise?
2. How much volume can a $0.55 EPC product generate through affiliate programs? I realize this is an open-ended unknowable question, but I am generally wondering whether such a program could generate thousands of sales per month? As my inventory expires, I'm keen on moving inventory as fast as I can after launch -- but I'm not sure how much I can rely upon from affiliate marketing programs.
3. I have no sense of quantum of units that JVNotifyPro (or the Clickbanks, CJs etc. can generate). Does anyone have any guide?
4. Why are courses so actively promoted on JV Pro, over tangible goods? I assume it is because these are high EPC products, but I also wonder is it because of the nature of JV Pro's affiliates? Is JVNotifyPro not viable for tangible goods?

Appreciate any thoughts!