Daksh Murkute - Forex Monopoly - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, July 22nd 2019

Forex Monopoly Challenge - Turn your $200 account into $4000 Challenge

Forex Monopoly Challenge is created by Mr Daksh Murkute who is a well know forex trader. Daksh is famous for growing his $100 forex account into four figures.He has done this multiple time in the past. He was able to duplicate the same results to his friends and students. Now he has launched his coaching program for the people around the globe.

About Forex Monopoly Challenge

Daksh is looking for 50 highly motivated individuals who are looking to change their lives and achieve financial freedom.

He is going to help 50 people to turn their $200 trading account into $ 4000. Yes, you Read it right. He has developed a strategy by which he has grown his $200 account into $4000 multiple times. The Forex Monopoly Strategy is highly duplicable as he has helped his brother and students to achieve the same results.

About Forex Monopoly Strategy

1. The Strategy has around 85% win rate
2. The strategy has 1:8 risk to reward ratio (That means if you lose a trade you lose $10 and if you win a trade you get $80 )
3. Forex Monopoly Strategy teaches you how to maximise your profits and reduce the losses.
4. Easy to Implement and you get multiple setups and opportunity every day.

Here is how the Coaching Program is going to work

People will get 1-2 videos every day from the course. In which Daksh will explain you the Forex Monopoly’s Strategy. (We will make sure that the student has understood the strategy correctly and then only we will move to the next step.)

Students will have to trade on their demo account for 7-15 days. That’s it. After that, we will ask the students to trade with real cash as we all know trading with real cash is way more different than Demo cash.

Each week Daksh will send a weekly breakdown video (In this he will show and break down all the trades which he took in that week ) This will help the students to understand the psychology of a Professional trader and how and when to place a trade.

Mindset is very Important in trading so all the students will receive weekly lessons on how to improve their trading.

Price and Affiliate Program

The Price of this program is going to be $499 for this First Batch. After this, the price of this is going to increase to $2999. People are required to apply for the program. After they apply for the challenge, our Sales Team will call them to qualify whether they are a good fit for the program or not. This Will help affiliates get more conversions.

We are offering 50% commission throughout the funnel for affiliates.

Daksh Murkute - Forex Monopoly - JV Invite