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    iAwake Technologies - The Near Death Experience - JV Invite

    iAwake Technologies - The Near Death Experience - JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Sunday, March 10th 2019
    Launch Day: Monday, March 25th 2019

    40% Affiliate Commission. EPC - $5 with the highest performers up to $10.

    Join us on March 10th, as we open the mailing period of iAwake's biggest launch to date, The Near Death Experience - a guided meditation that's created and voiced by Jonathan Robinson, best-selling author and frequent Oprah Winfrey Show guest. In this program, he reveals how to safely have a life-transforming near-death experience.

    About iAwake Technologies

    iAwake Technologies is a sound-based technologies company. Our sound-based technologies, using the latest in brainwave entrainment technology, are designed to evoke deep states of meditation, flow states, creativity, emotional healing and many more.

    About Near Death Experience

    The story behind this creation is that he had a near-death experience after a car crash. Fortunately, a fireman restarted his heart before he couldn't come back. This experience transformed him. Secretly, Robinson wondered if there were a way to help others have a similar experience--minus the car crash and stopping of one's heart. As a professional speaker, Robinson gradually developed a 30-minute guided experience that actually worked. It was so profound that Fortune 500 companies ranging from Microsoft and Google to FedEx and Coca-Cola hired him to "induce" this experience in their employees. After going through such an experience, people reported feeling more joy and gratitude for life, more aligned with their values, and clearer on their sense of purpose.

    The soundtrack for The Near Death Experience was composed and engineered to support, enrich, and deepen the meditation by guiding the listener’s brainwaves and physiological responses into a series of consciousness-altering states supporting transformative experience.

    Using a powerful combination of brainwave entrainment modalities and psychoacoustic techniques, the soundscape facilitates profound states of inner peace, clarity, self-compassion, forgiveness, love, release, and spontaneous insight.

    We will kick off the promotion with a Free Live Workshop that will be facilitated by Jonathan on March 21st. The mailing window begins on March 10th and ends on the 20th.

    Key Dates

    Mailing Dates: March 10th - 20th
    Live Workshop: March 21st
    Launch: March 25th

    Email: for a free download of the program.

    iAwake Technologies - The Near Death Experience - JV Invite
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