I have 2 questions:

1) If someone promote your product to his e-mail list, every new buyer automatically becomes your customer and becomes your subscriber so later you have any right to promote your other products directly to this customer skipping co-op with guy who promoted your 1st product.
So that's why some of product vendors are giving 100% commission to the affiliates. They give away all incomes for 1st product but that is how they build their own e-mail list so they can promote 2nd product on their own.
Am I right?

2) Is there any technical possibility to not "stealing" other people's subscribers that way? I can imagine how much time e-mail owners spent time to build their e-mail database.
That is why potential partners are allways very careful in choosing products they will promote. No matter how good your product is, if it is low ticket product they just don't want to give their subcribers for few dollars.

I don't want to build e-mail list from my partner's subcribers I just want my partner to drive traffic to my product and keep buyer's emails for themselves. Is that possible? Does this technique have a name?