Emmanuel Akinwale - Morbic Athletes - Self Trainer Premium - JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Saturday, November 24th 2018
Launch Day: Tuesday, November 27th 2018

My name is Emmanuel, I am a fitness consultant and owner of Morbic Athletes, which is a lifestyle sports brand (service/products) that's dedicated to creating and improving athletic lifestyle and performances, because to be an athlete is to be in top physical and mental condition which is absolutely essential if we desire to have good health and having control over every aspect of our lives from our personal health to careers, family and lifestyle as a whole.

As a fitness consultant I've been able to gain insight on the problems that remain consistent when it comes to health and fitness like lack of motivation, giving up way before the goal, reverting back to bad habits, lack of consistency, generally bad training which in a lot of cases they don't even realise this and the list goes on.

In the attempt to solve these started working on a way to fix them which would also allow online clients to train just as effectively without the need to be there and as time we on with a lot of testing and improving this way evolved to the SELF TRAINER which made me soon realised that those clients needed me less in fact they had gained so much more confidence and independence in their training, their commitment and consistency had also increased, so I bundled up the self trainer and started selling it to new potential that could not afford my service or could not fit into my schedule, the results was amazing because the customers were happy and felt like they were saving money from having a personal trainer, but also just through word of mouth I saw the demand increasing which has brought to this point.

Currently the Morbic Athletes fan page has about 10K followers but this is only a start.

Regardless of our niche or area of expertise our health will always be important and i believe that this is a product will not just add value to your customers but will also change their lives and with the growing demand in the fitness and health niche there's a lot of money to be made, there are also up to 6 quality products in the funnel with different opportunities to win cash prizes during the launch period.

A successful launch for me personally is a triple win situation where you win, your customers win and I win because it will mean i'm a step closer to building the world number 1 sports brand and I would have gained amazing new partners to join and support me on my journey to the top.

With the SELF TRAINER you can help a lot of new year resolutions becomes a reality from NOVEMBER 27TH.

Thank You.

Emmanuel Akinwale - Morbic Athletes - Self Trainer Premium - JV Invite