Melanie Tan - BeFinallyFit (BFF) - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, July 25th 2018

Hello there! As you probabaly know, the Health & Fitness niche, particularly the Weight Lost / Dieting segment is an extremely profitable industry. And so, after dominating the software niche for the past decade, I'm proud to introduce to you...

BeFinallyFit - Your Weight Loss BFF!

Now for your burning questions...

WHAT's in it for you?

75-90% commissions for the main BFF ebook + all upsells.

Also, we have a subscription model - the BFF Premium Circle - and this, my friend, provides RECURRING commissions for you.

REAL Affiliate Contests. It bothers me when product launches state 'contests' or 'promos', I register, and there's not a contest in site. Nothing at all. And since I'm bothered by that, I want to start BFF with a legit and achievable Affiliate Contest. So here's what we just launched - Race to 1K Sales - Win a FREE Trip to Amsterdam (or receive USD5K in cash).

You can click the link below to our BFF Affiliate Portal to see the mechanics. It's all there. Ready and... REAL.

WHY BeFinallyFit?

- We're in this for the long-term.
We developed BFF for more than 2 years. Why this long? The product must be solid! The sales funnel must be solid. Everything has been tweaked and tested for conversion.

- The persona behind BFF is a REAL PERSON with REAL CREDENTIALS. Her name is Hilde van den Berg. Customers hate fake. With BFF, clients see and get to interact with a real person. And this makes them STAY.

- BFF is a complete program. BFF is a weight loss system for women. It sells because it offers a unqiue eating strategy women need to adopt for only 28 days. That's short enough for people to want to try. However, the BFF upsells make this program complete for women. The Meal Plans, Workouts, Weekly Recipes, etc. are items women want to buy too. All this translates to more sales for you!

- We have TONS of top-converting affiiate materials crafted by a 'super affiiate' copywriter.
Once you're inside the BFF Affiliate Portal, you'll find all the materials and tools you need to get started. Articles, email swipes, pre-sell content, free reports, etc. They're all in there waiting for you.

Are You Ready to Make Money in the Weight Loss Niche?

Melanie Tan - BeFinallyFit (BFF) - JV Invite