Jonah's Club - iLifeChange 3 Year Program - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, July 2nd 2018

iLifeChange: A First-Class Product, with a First Class Promo, That Gives First Class Profits

What if you had the chance…

1.****to promote a product that would genuinely increase the quality of life of those you care about,

2.****while forwarding them to see a free series of mind-blowing documentaries called ‘Secret Meanings’, that they’ll thank you for…

3.****and then make $$797.85 for each high conversion sale, as a result!?

That is, to receive a fair and equitable 50% of all enrolments you bring – or $797.85 – for telling others about a one-of-a-kind program that has the power to seriously transform, satisfy and please the interests of your tribe!

Here is why YOU should join us…

*****Be one of the first to give access to the eye-opening documentary trilogy, ‘Secret Meaning’ - for free!
*****Receive a total payout of $797.85 for each single sale, (a full 50% commission)
*****Be known as being on the cutting edge of happiness and well-being philosophy and science
*****Promote a team of high-integrity, high-end professors and experts on the subject
*****Receive immediate and transparent payouts with the trusted third-party affiliate platform, Clickbank.
*****And most important, be part of a worldwide project that genuinely seeks to make our world a better place!

Phase #1: The Pre-Launch (29th of May – 1st of July) – Preview Our Program and Pre-Sell To Your Tribe*

Jonah’s Club has created an incredibly sophisticated program for happiness and well-being that stretches over a period of 3 years and which embodies the ideas and practices of many of the greatest minds in our history – i.e. the greatest sages, saints and heroes of all time.

In the first phrase, we invite you to judge and see this for yourself. When you register into our Affiliate Resource Area, you’ll get an exclusive preview of our documentaries, some contents of our course, as well as our marketing resources.

Phase #2 The Launch (2nd of July – 15th of July) – We stimulate the conversation through our trilogy of documentaries!

Once we have your tribe anticipating our films - based on your commentaries, review or a related promo, as well as our teaser clips – we are ready to then*release the documentaries and ‘fuel the fire’!

During our launch, we’ll embark on a ‘socially-driven’ exploration of the most important ideas of all time: What makes the biggest difference in the quality of our lives?

What impacts our happiness *and* well-being? What are the roadblocks to this? How can we set ourselves free?

Phase #3 (16th of July to 20th of July) – Open Cart Period

Our third phase is a genuine ‘time-sensitive’ open cart. We shall take registrations only during this 5-day window, because our 3-year program thereafter, begins LIVE (This is much like any university degree, which has an unnegotiable admission cut-off date).

After the 21st of July, enrollments are closed. With each sign up, you will then receive an equal partnership split of 50% - or $797.85 in total commissions.

All Together with First-Class Promotional Support!

Jonah's Club - iLifeChange 3 Year Program - JV Invite