Gabriel Dee - Rebirth Academy - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, March 21st 2018

Dear Partner,

Let me invite you to the launch of my brand new online video course, the Rebirth Academy. My name is Gabriel Dee, author and spiritual teacher. My mission is to help 10.000 people become enlightened just like I did. I created this course over 2 long years, and now I'm ready to share it with the world.

If your audience is into spirituality, meditation or self-improvement, they will truly appreciate this revolutionary and unique course. I already have many students who love it and are hooked. The Video Sales Letter features many of their video testimonials, which is a true selling point. The VSL is based on an irresistible hook, and has conversions of up to 3,1%.

You can make up to $156 per sale, there's 50% recurring revenue for almost 9 months. During testing, the EPC was mostly around the $1 mark. Plus there's an affiliate contest between March 21 and March 31, with a total of $3000 in JV Prizes!

Gabriel Dee - Rebirth Academy - JV Invite