Hey JV'S,

I have an online training bootcamp on copywriting that does very well. It has been successfully promoted through affiliates and paid traffic.

This product is unique because not only do you get step by step training but also you get personal coaching in the form of homework assignments and critiques. The student success rate is stellar.

This product does well with any list involved with traffic, product creation, affiliate marketing, Sales Funnels, Blogging, Website Creation, Branding, JV Relationships, List Building and Customer Retention.

We only open this program once a month for 25 people max and as a result it converts very well (between 4% & 8% of traffic). I’d like to work with someone who has a responsive list to organize a special launch just for your list this month.

We offer 50% commission, our cookies last 365 days and the average commission is $148.

We had a affiliate with a list of just 200 people make over $2,000 in his first promotion.

I can give you sales copy and other marketing materials to help you do the same (although obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results, but we’ll give it a good try).

Look forward to hearing from you!

Javier Rivera