I am creating an ebook on job interview skills. Price for my ebook is 10 USD. Currently I do NOT have my own email list.

I want to find other bloggers in the area of career / interview to help me promote and sell the ebook.

For example, if career blogger A has 10,000 people in his list, once he send out an email introducing my job interviews e-book, whenever a reader buys my ebook, I and this career blogger A will split revenue

As i am totally new to JV
Where or which websites can i find bloggers or partners willing to do this within my niche (job interview / career)?

Will I be able to know or verify how many subscribers in this person's list?

How do we keep track of the sales of e-book (say if i work with various career blogger A,B,C,D) and how to set up the payment gateway for revenue split.
What is the typical revenue split % between me and the other party?

Thank you so much.

New kid on the block.

Best regards