Dr Amit Pareek - VideoWhizz - JV Invite
Launch Day: Friday, August 4th 2017

Get ready for crazy high $8-$12 EPCs, huge commission and satisfied customers like our previous*BigWigVideo, ShopExpress, VidFly, WPSociXplode & MailZingo*Software Launches Engage your Subscribers with this Revolutionary Video Personalization, Customization, Notification, and Monetization Technology that Drives Maximum Engagement, Conversions, Opt-Ins, and Sales...And make upto $650/sale along with $10K in JV Prizes UP FOR GRABS....JV Page - https://www.videowhizz.com/jv/
IM Sub Niche: Software, Video, Traffic, Social Media
Contact Name:* *Dr. Amit Pareek*
Product Name: “VideoWhizz"
Platform:* JVZoo
Contact @: email:*dr.amitparik@gmail.com, Skype: amit.pareek77
Launch Date: 4th Aug @ 9am EST
JV Page again:*https://www.videowhizz.com/jv/
Commissions: FE=50%, BE: 50% for all
Prizes:* $10,000 in JV Prizes

Dr Amit Pareek - VideoWhizz - JV Invite