Minesh Bhindi - Profit Through Gold And Silver - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, July 10th 2017


I’m excited to tell you about our launch that’s happening on the 10th July - 21st July 2017.

It’s funnel has a $7.03 EPC on RAW clicks…

It’s a Gold & Silver investment offer and has been completely proven in the Personal Development, Internet Marketing and of course the Financial Investing Niches…

One of the best parts of this offer is the support your clients will receive, when they become clients, I personally give them free weekly coaching calls, FOR LIFE.

We have clients from 2010 that are STILL attending those calls today, with no extra charge…

The team behind this launch are great, the product is great, but above all, the stats are great:
  • Average $7.03 EPC on RAW clicks!
  • 58% Opt In on the Webinar Registration Rate!
  • 1,000, roughly $1,400 CPA on a sale!
Since our last launch ...
  • We now offer Up-Sell Commissions
  • Our conversion from Opt-In to Sale is now 19% higher
  • We have a new FULL TIME Copywriter, that can tailor copy for everyone, in any niche.
Click through here to see all the people that have already promoted, all the people that are supporting the launch and register to be part of the launch.

Expect to Thrive!


Minesh Bhindi - Profit Through Gold And Silver - JV Invite