Welcome to the JVNP 2.0 Update featuring a word or two from JVNP founder/owner/admin, Mike Merz Sr (a short list of top freelance JV/Affiliate/Product Launch Managers that are also fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners), Buzz Builders (Fred Lam - Zero Up, David Perdew (NAMS - December Deals Promotion launches) and More ... in Today's the JV gold is in this list edition.

- Mike Merz Sr

A Word From Mike Merz Sr - A Shortlist of Top Freelance JV/Affiliate/Product Launch Managers that are also Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners.

Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner, I've had the good fortune to work with many of the industry's Top JV/Affiliate/Product Launch Managers in my 13+ year JV Brokering career ... some have spent many years working for only one to a handful of Online Businesses, others have chosen the freelance route and have represented dozens of successful promotions for a number of clients.

I'm often asked if I know any good freelance JV/Affiliate/Product Launch Managers, so I felt this a good opportunity to mention a few that I not only respect and recommend, but also happen to be fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners.

Here is an alphabetized by last name short list of the aforementioned that I believe are all currently active, but may be booked deep due to their popularity, along with links to their respective FB profiles (just in case their JVNP profile contact details aren't up to date).

Cindy Donovan

Valerie DuVall

Pat Flanagan

Matt Ford

David Gonzalez

Simon Harries

Kristen Hayes

Jonathan Herbert

Alvin Huang

Andy Hussong

William Meers

Stephen Renton

Edwin Ryan

Karl Schuckert

Brad Spencer

Delilah Taylor

There are no doubt more top notch, active JV/Affiliate/Product Launch Managers in the ranks, but those are the ones that are immediately available to my sieve like memory.

If you feel you qualify ... and I have not listed your name above, please feel free to reply to this mailing and, if deemed worthy, I'll add you to the Forum and Blog archive versions of this newsletter.

Have a Great Day!

Mike Merz Sr

PS. Please give some love to the Buzz Builders below ...


Buzz Builders

The following Buzz Builders are Premium mailing recipient JV offers made by JVNP 2.0 VIP Partners announced recently in the JVNP 2.0 Update that are either yet to launch, or are still in the pre-launch or launch cycle.

To access the merchant's JV page, a link to the forum archive of the mailing for discussion, VIP review access (when available) + more ... please click the JV Invite/Page link in the Buzz Builder listings, below.

Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.


Nicola Delic - Scientific Trading Machine Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just This Past Tuesday, November 29th 2016
High Ticket Product = Big Affiliate Commissions!

Easy $290.00 Per Sale To You! Blockbuster NEW financial product. Starving Market in trading niche. Scientific Trading Machine ... Massive proof – never before seen product. Brand new $997 physical product – 30% commission. Pre-launch starts November 22nd - Launch day is November 29th. This is a done for you launch. Learn more here => Nicola Delic - Scientific Trading Machine JV page.


Fred Lam - Zero Up Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, December 1st 2016
High Ticket Product = Big Affiliate Commissions!

Join my BIGGEST eCommerce launch this year with HUGE Commissions! Over $75,000 in prizes plus a "Control Your Destiny" prize pool so everyone can WIN! No matter what you're list size is, our proven sales funnel will help you earn HUGE commissions! Zero Up™ is a never-seen-before software suite built for beginners and advanced marketers! Check out our JV page => Fred Lam - Zero Up JV page.


David Perdew - NAMS - December Deals Promotion Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, December 1st - 31st 2016

Win big just by giving away our newest $197 course called Conversion Secrets from 11-28 to 11-30. From 12-01 until 12-31, we'll offer one of our 15 or 16 best selling products every 48 hours to all referrals you send during the month of December and you'll earn 50% commission on every sale. Experienced successful affiliate marketers ONLY please. Affiliate Program registration => David Perdew - NAMS - December Deals Promotion JV page.


Jeff Johnson - Coaching Club 2017 (Was Tube Traffic Secrets 2017) Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day: POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY 2017 - Please Register As An Affiliate For Updates As They Become Available.

$50,000.00 in bonus cash and prizes up for grabs, 25k for top affiliate. Jeff Johnson's Coaching Club™ is a training and coaching program where I also personally help your referrals build their list, get more traffic, and find new customers. Earn 40% plus commissions on upsells, backend sales and recurring commissions.Jeff Johnson - Coaching Club 2017 (Was Tube Traffic Secrets 2017) JV page.


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That's All, Folks!

To OUR Success,

Mike Merz Sr
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