Isaack + Aubrey - SETVIDEO - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, September 4th 2017

Hi there fellow JVs

I would like to introduce you to an offer that is about to blow your mind. on the 4th of September, my friend Aubrey and I will be launching our evolutionary video cloud software that is about to change how marketers work. We have taken beta testers for our software and everyone who has access to our software is blown away.

I only launch a single product every year or so, but this is one product I hold very dear to my heart because I have seen its power in my business and I know a lot of marketers will love it.

Aubrey and I have built the most engaging video cloud software that will help you build huge audiences, engage with them and generate massive sales. Included in this software are powerful features that every marketer would die to have. There is no other software like it.

This is one product your list is going to love and I can guarantee that you will generate huge commissions if you hop on board just in time. We drove some solo ads to our funnel when building a list of beta testers and converted like crazy at $1.34 EPC. We have tested our funnel and we know it will convert for you.

Check out our affiliate page for more information.

See you on the 4th September 2017

Isaack + Aubrey - SETVIDEO - JV Invite