Hay House - Writer's Workshop Online Course - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, October 19th 2016

Does your audience include any writer’s? What about coaches or business leaders? Hay House has just the launch for you. The Writer’s Workshop Online Course and it's launch is packed with information about writing and publishing. Don’t let your audience miss this opportunity!

Whether your audience has been hearing that they should really sit down and write about their story or you have business leaders looking to create more credibility in their fields - this launch has the content-packed videos your audience will love!

The Writer's Workshop Online Course will be sold at discounted rate of $699 with a 50% commission on any sales tracked to you.

We also have some awesome cash prizes for optins and sales. Details to come soon.

Hay House - Writer's Workshop Online Course - JV Invite

Oct 10: Video 1
Insider Tips for Becoming a Published Author
******** Gain an author’s personal insight on becoming a best-selling author
******** Learn step-by-step how and why to find an agent
******** Understand the importance of your name as a brand

Oct 13: Video 2
Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
******** When to self-publish vs. when to find a publisher
******** Why you need a platform

Oct 16: Video 3
8 Ways to Make Money as an Author
******** It’s entirely possible to become an author, quit your day job, and make more money than you ever did before. But it still takes work! In this video Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House shares 8 ways you can make money beyond publishing your book.

Oct 19: Sales Video and Cart Opens
Oct 26: Cart Closes * * * *

Hay House - Writer's Workshop Online Course - JV Invite